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B9 Plastics, Inc. in Ontario, NY has entered into a manufacturing and sales agreement with SunQueen Purifier Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen, China for their Better Water Maker - water purification device.

 Bay Colony working together with Rochester based Yao Yao Consulting, LLC for Mandarin Chinese communication and negotiations identified SunQueen during an extensive search of manufacturers and distributors of water cleaning technology in China. Bay Colony negotiated terms with SunQueen on B9's behalf both from the United States and in-person in Shenzhen.

 Bay Colony then worked with B9's attorneys in China to reach the final contract form now executed by B9 and SunQueen.

 Bay Colony will maintain an on-going role as a liason between B9 and SunQueen and will handle order processing for B9.

 SunQueen and B9 will now produce two versions of the Better Water Maker. Initial sales of this American Designed Product will be conducted by SunQueen in China, Hong Kong and Macau.
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