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Announcing Bay Colony Advisors.  


Bay Colony Capital announces the creation of Bay Colony Advisors ("BCA"). BCA will be primarily dedicated to facilitating
sales of products from small and medium sized USA companies into the Chinese market.

 Bay Colony Advisors

Why China?

The population of China is four times that of the USA living on approximately the same size land but more concentrated and accessible. 94% of the population lives on 43% of the land primarily along the coast In the prime consumer purchasing ages 25-54 the USA has 127.8 million people China has 655.7 million people 5 times the U
SA. That 655.8 is also roughly double the entire USA population.

The geographic density and large population with disposable income combined with a more open and increasingly more honest business climate make now a good time to bring USA products to China. Various scandals in China have made the Chinese wary of Chinese products. As a result foreign products are much sought after.


Examples of Services Offered by Bay Colony Advisors:


           Sales and Marketing of Products and Services into China
           Market Research and Competitive Research
           Independent Quality Control
           Rapid and complete review of your current China strategy
           Provide many different avenues to selling your products in China
           Management of the entire sourcing process from supplier ID and profiling, auditing, RFQ mgt. and through ongoing project mgt.
           Identify & profile new customers in China assist with sales presentations & trade shows
           Structuring and negotiating of strategic partnerships and purchasing contracts
           Assistance with your team's visits to China - make the most of your trips
           Market research reports and competitive landscape analysis for your products


Our Referral Program

If you know of a company that can use our services and you provide introductions that lead to us successfully engaging the client, we have a referral program to reward (pay) you for thinking of us. Give us a call (585) 233-3073 and ask us about how you can take advantage of it
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