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China Placements/Strategic Planning and Other Services 

Bay Colony can bring your product to China! Bay Colony Capital through our Bay Colony Advisors Division now offers the ability for small and medium sized companies to have the opportunity to enter the Chinese market. We look for the following products, Air and Water Cleaners, Health related products, High-end after-market Auto Accessories are just some of the products we seek. If your product does not fit these categories give us a call, we will evaluate and investigate a wide-range of products.


 Bay Colony Advisors professionals provide strategic planning and consulting services that can assist in the identification and improvement possibilities in business practices, the planning for succession or the positioning a company needs to take advantages of its full range of opportunities.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Company Positioning

  • Exit Strategies

  • Succession Planning

  • Business Practice Improvement

  • Operations and Growth consulting

Other Services

Bay Colony Capital/Advisors makes the expertise of its professionals available for educational seminars and conferences.

 Bay Colony Advisors brings the ability to assist small and medium size clients who wish to outsource some of their capabilities to China.

  • Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”), Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”) creation, editing, assistance

  • Assistance in outsourcing production to China (identifying, qualifying, negotiating) – Quality control assistance in China available at various levels

  • Industry panels

  • Speaking Engagements


Chinese foreign nationals are able to set up USA businesses, from major enterprises to small shops. Accessing the USA marketplace is a key to success for many businesses around the world. The most efficient and profitable way to reach this market is with a USA company, to take advantage of the integrated national market at the lowest possible tax rate. Setting up a company in the USA as a non-resident is simple when you have the help of the Bay Colony Advisors team skilled in company formation, immigration, import-export, international tax, real estate and supply chain. For a foreign national with a USA company, it is:

  •      Easier to sell in the US market, from a customs and tax point of view
  •      Access the capital markets in the US for venture capital, angel investors and public markets and potential government grants.
  •      Enhance the reputation of your company, both to USA customers and many markets overseas.
  •      Easier to get a visa to work in the US (though acceptance is not guaranteed)
  •      Possible you can reduce your tax on US-source income

Bay Colony’s team brings the legal, accounting, government, economic development, banking, immigration, and supply chain contacts tailored to your company’s needs.
We will help guide your company through all of the steps required to correctly set up your USA company. While a non-resident will have to go through all the same steps as a resident, there are additional complications. For most non-residents, international tax law, getting visas and opening a bank account present the most problems. Each of these topics can be very complicated.
The steps outlined below cover the critical steps that must be addressed before a business can be launched.

  • What type of company is being set up?
  • S Corporation, C-Corporation versus LLC Tax Comparison, new USA tax law has a great effect on these choices.
  • Where the company is being incorporated? Where it is located and where it is incorporated do not have to be the same.
  • Where the company will be doing business?
  • The type and activity of the business, and its need for licenses, registrations, permits etc.?
  • The staffing needs, which in turn influence the need for physical location and size of facilities?

    Step 1, determine what exactly you want to do, where and how you want to do it, how much it will cost and whether or not you have the budget. In this step, you need to determine:
  • Where to establish your US business
  • Where to incorporate your US company
  • Your need for protecting your intellectual property
  • Whether you will need to obtain any special licenses
  • Your need for visas or other immigration needs
  • Your need for staffing for the business
  • Your need to access the capital markets in the US
  • Your need for marketing, supply chain and other support services
  • Are there any tax incentives available, and what options are available to minimize your tax burden
  • In the Company Planning Stage you will determine such practical matters as:
  • The name of the company
  • Whether to be a corporation or a limited liability company
  • Which state to incorporate in and which states to register in
  • Determine the capitalization of the company (how many shares at what par value, and how much each shareholder will contribute to the company as their capital contribution
  • Determine who will be the shareholders, officers and directors
  • Determine the roles and responsibilities of the company’s officers and directors
    After completing the Company Planning Stage, the Action Stage should be very smooth and fast:
  • Provide the necessary documents
  • Form the company
  • Register the company in other states as needed
  • Hold the organizational meeting, appointing the officers and directors, issuing shares to the shareholders and taking such other actions as necessary
  • Obtain the federal Employer Identification Number
  • Open your bank account
  • Start business: buy, lease or rent office space, hire employees, market the products, etc


Our team is able to provide on-going support for the new USA company.
Foreign owned firms have some additional annual reporting requirements.
Tax laws are ever changing in the USA minimizing your taxes requires skilled international tax experts.

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